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Sustainably Ranched Uni from the Oregon Coast

OoNee is dedicated to building sustainable seafood supply chains and regenerating coastal communities and ecosystems.

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What is Uni?

Uni (pronounced Oo-Nee) is the harvestable organ found in sea urchin. It is a sustainable and delicious source of nutrients traditionally consumed raw in Japanese sushi as well as regional dishes throughout the Mediterranean.

The Purple Urchin Problem

  • Purple urchin are proliferating along the West Coast of the United States, overfeeding on kelp and decimating kelp forests which are nurseries for critical commercial and non-commercial species.

  • After decimating a kelp forest and creating an ‘urchin barren’, starving urchin will lie dormant and empty of commercially harvestable Uni for years.

  • Hundreds of millions of overpopulated and starving zombie purple urchins are empty – making it nearly impossible to commercially harvest Uni…until now.

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What is
Urchin ‘Ranching’?

We collect empty, overpopulated purple urchins from overgrazed reefs and bring them to our sea ranch where we feed them a science-based diet of proprietary macroalgae feed to 'fatten them up'. In a few weeks they're ready and available to local and regional restaurants, residents, tourists, and our partners.   

Regenerative Mission

Scalable Food Supply Chains 

We endeavor to create and secure a local, scalable supply of seafood for our coastal and regional communities. 


Kelp Forests and Reefs

We endeavor to regenerate the kelp forests that humanity and our planet rely on for sustenance.


Sustainable Livelihoods

We endeavor to provide meaningful, economically viable livelihoods for people from all walks of life.

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Oo-Nee Background Image.jpg

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