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Cookie Policy

About this Cookie Policy:

This Cookie Policy explains the use of cookies on our website, It covers what cookies are, how they are utilized, the types of cookies we use, the information collected through cookies, and your control over cookie preferences. For comprehensive information on how we use, store, and secure your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Your consent applies to the specified domains:

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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you load our website on your browser. They play a crucial role in making the website function correctly, enhancing security, providing a better user experience, and analyzing website performance for improvements.

How do we use Cookies?

Our website employs both first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and do not collect personally identifiable data. Third-party cookies are used for understanding website performance, analyzing user interactions, maintaining service security, personalizing advertisements, and improving overall user experience.

Types of Cookies We Use:

Essential: Necessary for full website functionality, maintaining user sessions, and preventing security threats. These cookies do not collect or store personal information and enable activities such as logging in, adding products to the basket, and secure checkout.

Statistics: Store information on website visits, unique visitors, visited pages, and visit sources. These insights help us analyze website performance and identify areas for improvement.

Marketing: Used for personalized advertisements, tracking the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and displaying relevant ads on other websites.

Functional: Support non-essential functionalities like embedding videos and sharing website content on social media platforms.

Preferences: Store your settings and browsing preferences, such as language preferences, to enhance your future visits.

How can I control Cookie Preferences?

If you wish to change your preferences during your browsing session, click on the “Privacy & Cookie Policy” tab on your screen. This will display the consent notice, allowing you to modify preferences or withdraw consent. Different browsers offer varied methods to block or delete cookies. Adjust your browser settings to manage cookies. For detailed guidance, visit or